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irgola is a Spanish company that fabricates industrial floor polishers / cleaners, steel wool and liquid crystals products.
We have at our disposal a wide range of specialist equipment for industrial floor cleaning. You'll find below some of our best sold products:

>> Floor Shiner V-450-S

Our best offer. At this moment in time more than 2000 have been sold in the Spanish Market. Ideal for any type of work on the following:
· Marble and Balcony (Terrace)
· Carpet cleaning
· Floor degreasing
· Layer reduction and de-polishing
· Automatic lockable interchangeable accessories.


Steel wool is an essential product for the correct crystallization of Marble and terrace floors. With it we can achieve a pure polish with a wet look. We fabricate all grade number types sold on the Spanish market of which the best sellers are grade 2 for a first time use and grade 1 for maintaining use.

We also offer various chemical products for Marble and Balcony (terrace) floors:
· Layer remover
· Crystal base
· Crystal Sealers
· Plastic wax

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